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I've not had much going on recently - work is work, minus not getting the promotion I applied for. I was really upset about it for a bit, but you move on. There aren't many other options, after all. /shrug

♥ Fandom-wise, I've kind of been eaten by Avengers fandom. I know, I know, it's the 'bandwagon' fandom right now, but I'm not going to worry about justifying my love of the comics. I'm just going to roll around in all the fic and art and holy crap, somewhere along the line Bruce/Tony kind of got under my skin and I find myself devouring those fics just as much as I do Steve/Tony and Clint/Natasha. AND THERE'S SO MUCH AMAZING GENFIC ♥_♥ I love a good genfic, I don't think I say that enough.

♦ I've also fallen completely in love with the No. 6 manga. I have yet to watch the anime, because I'd prefer to watch it with [personal profile] corellianrogue, but I'm more than happy with waiting for the manga chapters to come out and losing my mind over them on Twitter. I haven't shipped a couple this hard in years, it's ridiculous.

♠ In other news, I watched the the Tonys last night and am reminded as to why Neil Patrick Harris is my freaking hero. How one person can be that awesome, I don't know.

♣ And finally: hi, peeps from the F!S friending meme. I obviously don't post much, but I have been reading, and will even work up the nerve to comment one of these days XD
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I really have no idea what it is that keeps me from posting for month-long stretches at a time. But anyway.

I'm proud of myself, because for the last week or so I've been packing and moving and cleaning like an ADULT trying to get things into the new place. Which is really cool! And I will take pictures, except not right now because our crap is all over the place >.>

In other news, I continue to enjoy my job, for all that I rant about callers once I get back from work. (I honestly can't remember if I ever talked here about the job I'm at now. I do tech support for a company that makes software for law firms/accountants/the like. Overall it's a great gig - I wear jeans, my bosses buy us lunch once a month, I'm allowed to dye my hair ridiculous colors and wear all my piercings. Seriously, I'll stay forever provided I don't run into a glass ceiling advancement-wise.)

Other stuff! I bought Hakuoki recently, since Sapphy's posts reminded me that oh yeah, that game is really fucking pretty. Haven't been able to play it yet, but definitely looking forward to it. Seriously. So pretty.

Other other stuff! One of my coworkers runs a D&D group every other Sunday and he invited [personal profile] corellianrogue and I to play because he's awesome and doesn't mind that it's been so long since I played that I am now a total noob. It's a great setting, I'm having so much fun with it. My character has a raptor companion. :D That alone makes it awesome.

Really, this post exists purely because I'm terrible at posting, and sometimes I feel bad about that. So!
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Part of me is annoyed because now my numbering scheme on LJ is going to be thrown off, but at this point I'm even more annoyed with LJ, and my paid account expires next week anyway, so making sure my Dreamwidth account is correct is the better option.

So...yeah! Not much is going on with my life, but every now and then I decide I want to remember what it's like to post, so here, have some things:

Stuff and things! )

So...yeah. I think I've run out of things to talk about. I'm super boring these days, it's sad. :( But I wanted to post something, because I suck at commenting and posting and I feel like if I post I can comment without feeling like a creeper. Yay logic?


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